Rentcloud is a transparent rental application platform uniting tenants and landlords. It automates all the standard rental tasks from submitting personal information, automatic payments, digital contracts, and maintenance requests. The main goal is to change the way rental practices are done across Denmark and not only. Rentcloud's vision lies in a future where things and people are connected seamlessly.

UI Design, Branding & Development

A logo to make your head turn.

Initially, our client had only a project scope, but no real name or a visual identity attached to it. Therefore, our job was to have brainstorming sessions combined with market research to come up with a name proposal and a few visual directions. We have associated the term "rent", as it's the main area of work for this business, with the word "cloud", which represented the technology intentions. Furthermore, the logo was a playful representation of these two words with a clean and modern typeface attached.

We have made some visual renders for real-world usage simulation.

Web platform

To bring Rentcloud to life, it was first necessary to identify their essence, foundations, and ambitions, which would move the company on a daily basis. The structure of the site makes generous use of negative space and offers breathability. The layout of the pages promotes readability for the content. We have used a mix of images and illustrations to enrich visually certain areas of the platform.

Details of a rented place for easy tenant access

Each listing was designed to function as a stand-alone landing page.

Landlords have the option to check tenant profiles.

Clean illustrations alongside warm images were used to set the design mood.

Digital contracts

Each rental agreement requires a contract to be signed between a landlord and a tenant. Rentcloud offers a digital version of a rental contract which can be set up by a tenant using a custom form. Key information is picked automatically from the site's database (such as information about a property) and the final version is sent directly to a tenant for review and digital signature.

Goodbye pen and paper, hello digital.

Mobile application

For a complete user experience, a mobile application has been designed and developed. The focus was to have the application as a companion for the more detailed web platform. Tenants can quickly browse listing availabilities and landlords can respond to inquiries and possible maintenance requests.

There are two ways of using the app. As a landlord or as a tenant.

Landlords have the ability to talk directly with their tenants.

Tenants can discover properties from the explore area of the app.

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