A social platform with a twist, build for adult users who share similar interests and wishes. Using SexMap, users can arrange dates or socialize using the internal chat system. For us as a team, it was a challenge to design and develop a platform oriented towards the adult audience.

In the following presentation, we're trying to emphasize the work that we've done concerning UI / UX Design. If the site topic is not to your liking, we have many other works that you can enjoy.

UI/UX Design, Branding & Development

A logo to make you look twice.

When designing for a niche audience, let alone an adult one, it's important to deliver a straightforward message to capture attention. For SexMap, we went for a bold approach. A logo to make you stop for a second and explore it in detail.

A slogan that features two key attributes of the brand. Discrete & Secure.

User flow

Building a social platform requires proper understating of how the user will navigate and interact with specific areas of the site. This step was beneficial during the implementation phase of the design process.

Each major page was prototyped using low fidelity elements.

Partial snapshot of the user flow concerning actions from the dashboard.

Web platform

The team has put a lot of effort into designing and developing such a platform. From the pages dedicated to end-users to the detailed dashboards for admin control. We aimed to deliver a smooth user experience enhanced by quality code.

Users can discover others on the interactive map.

Secure chat rooms running for each country independently.

Other users can engage by leaving comments and by liking the posts.

The search radius of the map can be controlled from nearby proximity to large ranges.

Users have their profile pages where they can post photos, gifs, and videos.

Braindead Technology

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