A project intended for Danish travelers who are not in a rush and want to get the most out of a trip. We have designed and developed an app, alongside a web platform for administrators and business owners. Furthermore, we have bundled it all together in a landing page to showcase the key features of the product.

UI/UX Design, Branding & Development

Logo design

Danguiden as a name resulted from the clever association of the words "Danish" and "Guide". Thus, our client wanted a very simple, yet modern approach to the logo. We wanted to express movement and exploration with this logo. This is why we have chosen the navigation arrow to be part of the symbol for this case.

We have used a modern typeface for clarity and a contemporary feel.

Mosaic of pictures for the landing page of the mobile application which represents the various activities to be done with Danguiden.

Mobile application

All the magic happens inside the mobile application. People can use it as guests or they can create accounts for granular controls. The app allows them to discover various landmarks, restaurants, and unique places to sleep. Additionally, the users can opt-in to receive notifications from various places that have special deals.

All the main attractions are displayed on the main screen of the app.

Landmarks are presented with proper imagery, directions, and background information.

Category control for discovering meaningful content.

The goal was to encourage users to discover new places from their itinerary.

Itinerary overview of visited spots and upcoming places.

Web platform

To provide meaningful content for end users, Danguiden administrators needed a web platform to control landmarks, restaurants, and sleeping places. Furthermore, those who wanted to promote deals or offers needed a way to manage their business accounts. So, we have developed dashboards for both administrators and business accounts, with custom features and privileges.

Sidebar navigation for business and administrator accounts.

Overview of each payment transaction history.

Business accounts have the option to promote their deals through customizable ads.

Landing page

As Danguiden is addressing travelers and businesses alike, it was necessary to put together a landing page that covers the key features for both target groups.

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